The «Kostis Palamas» project of the National University of Athens does not stay only in Athens but also organizes the “Schools” and in other cities of Greek territory. The «Schools of Kostis Palamas» is a distinct and separate work of a larger project, designed to provide knowledge and skills about communication and the Greek culture and further a critical understanding about the cultural pursuits and events with the components of communication studies.

The philosophy of the «Schools» project is equivalent to that of a larger project, identify with a smaller time period of study than that of established courses of the program, but is larger in volume, once the material covered is the same. The «Schools of Kostis Palamas» focused primarily in the core of the program that the visibility, dissemination and exploitation of Greek culture and tourism, through the tools offered by our communication studies.

The «Schools of Kostis Palamas», lasting an average of five days, covering seminars which deal with culture, communication, tourism and historical memory. They also through their intensive workshops opportunities for practical knowledge and is addressed to adults of tourism industries, culture and journalism and communication, as well as those interested in these fields, with the ultimate aim of highlighting and promoting the national cultural product.

Each School begins with a workshop or seminar with eminent guest speakers in the areas heal the «Kostis Palamas» program continues and ends with intensive courses and workshops of the program instructors. Upon completion of each school, participants-beneficiaries receive a certificate of attendance. Similarly those who participated only in the workshop or seminar receive a participation certificate.

Schools of Kostis Palamas

Town Subject Date Application Schedule Press Release
Kalamata Folklore Art and Communication 21/11/2015-23/11/2015 Participation View View
Ioannina Folklore Culture and Tourism Exploitation 6/11/2015-9/11/2015 Participation View View
Megara Culture and Narration 31/10/2015-3/11/2015 Participation  View View
Trikala Folklore Culture and Tourism 23/10/2015-27/10/2015 Participation View View
Florina Art and Culture 9/10/2015-13/10/2015 Participation View View
Volos Cultural Heritage and Tourism 2/10/2015-6/10/2015 Participation View View
Eleusis Culture and Memory 5/9/2015-8/9/2015 Participation View View
Corfu Art and Communication 29/5/2015-31/5/2015 Participation View View
Messolonghi Historical Memory and Culture 16/5/2015-21/5/2015 Participation View View
Pyrgos Culture and Cinema 23/5/2015-26/5/2015 Participation View View
Larissa Culture and Cultural Management 24/4/2015-28/4/2015 Participation View View
Athens Culture and Politics 27/3/2015-2/4/2015 Participation View View
Corinth Cultural Heritage and Tourism 28/2/2015-3/3/2015 Participation View View
Chanis Culture-Tourism and Regional Media 14/2/2015-18/2/2015 Participation View View
Tripoli Cultural Heritage and Tourism 6/2/2015-10/2/2015 Participation View View
Nafplio Folklore-Culture-Contact 30/1/2015-3/2/2015 Participation View View