The project title is not accidental. Our national poet, one of the most prolific Greek writers and intellectuals of the country, represents not only the modern Greek culture, and the University of Athens and journalism. Kostis Palamas was born in Patras in 1859, he was secretary to the University of Athens since 1897, from where he left in 1928. On the same at University of Athens appointment year began publishing the major poetry collections and compositions, such as «Ιambοi and Anapaistoi» (1897), «Asalefti Zoi» (1904), «O Dodekalogos of Gyftou» (1907), «I Flogera tou Vasilia» (1910). In 1918 he was awarded the National Prize of Literature and Arts, and since 1926 has been a key member of the Athens Academy, of which he became president in 1930. His death in February 1943 the Occupying Athens, became popular pilgrimage.

Kostis Palamas was also a journalist and was proud of his journalistic capacity. In a letter to the Union of Journalists, dated August 19, 1935, he said: «Poet certainly kept to account for the predominant kind of my job, but never picked out and never discerned from my side and from my whole … journalistic work … I’m a journalist and not forget it, nor can I forget my race … We know from history that the more able symbolizing the spiritual world often passed from journalism.»

Along with poetry and other spiritual activities, after he came to Athens to study law he worked as a reporter in «Rampagan» by Kleanthis Triantafyllou, in «Don’t lose yourself» by Gavrielides, the «Acropolis», as the author of the parliamentary report, the «Journal» of Koromilas, the «Front» of Kalapothakis etc.